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I LOVE Shoes. My friends think I have lots of shoes because I wear them with so many different outfit combinations, but Im actually very strict with my purchases. We don't have a huge amount of storage in the flat so I run a strict one in one out policy. A few years ago I would constantly buy cheap shoes that would last a couple of months and then go to shoe heaven. I would actually end up spending a fortune and I had mega guilt about the amount of shoes I was sending to the bin. I have really tried to stop buying fast fashion. If you haven't seen it already you really need to check out the documentary, 'The True Cost Of Fashion'  on Netflix. It seriously opened my eyes to the shocking effects of constantly buying fashion and really made me re-evaluate my wardrobe.

Nowadays I really think about what Im buying. I try to buy a key pair of shoes each season and add statement shoes every so often. Where possible I try and invest a bit more in my staple shoes so they will last longer. I also evaluate what they will go with in my wardrobe, there have been so many times where I have bought a pair of shoes and instantly regretted it because they didn't go with anything.

Black shoes are my go-to. I discovered this rule when I moved to London. As a Londoner you need to be ready to go from work to an event or to dinner at the drop of a hat. You also walk, a lot; Therefore you need hardworking shoes that are versatile and comfortable. Enter the healed black boot. The single most important pair of shoes in my wardrobe.


I wear healed black boots all year round. I had one pair for SIX years and was so sad when I had to let them go. This pair are from & Other Stories , Mine aren't available anymore but these updated ones are perfect. & Other Stories do amazing leather shoes and are my failsafe high street store. I have honed in on my black boot buying. I look for good quality leather so they last. A block heal, so I can wear them all day. Easy access, and by that I mean I don't want to be faffing about, if they take longer than thirty seconds to get on, Im out. Finally I look for a pointed toe. Im only small and I feel this really elongates my legs and also looks much smarter. I wear these boots most days. They look great with jeans, dresses, cropped trousers and skirts. When Im flapping in the morning these are my go to. Here Im wearing them with a pair of cropped black flares from Zara with a white ruffle blouse from New Look.



I have to admit, I struggle with flat shoes. As I am so small I feel a heel makes everything look better, so when looking for flat boots I try to find something a bit different. I always go for a slight heal and some detail to break up my outfit. I often wear all black so a bit of detail goes a long way. I am all about saving where possible, these boots from Office are dupes for the Chloe Micro Stud booties. 

I wear these boots with everything but I really like to wear them with feminine outfits to dress them down such as the dress above from a vintage shop paired with my All Saints Leather Jacket

Acne do some incredible boots but they are definitely on the pricey end of the scale.  As I have worn these boots a lot over the last year I would like to invest in a pair that will last, I currently have my eye on the classic Jensen pair.



I often have to go to meetings throughout the day and then head out in the evening so like to have a pair of statement heals in my wardrobe that look smart but cool. This pair from... you guessed it.... & Other Stories have served me well this year. I wear these with jeans and a shirt for every day wear and with a dress if I want to look smarter. They have a small heal so can be worn all day but the tie up detail makes them stand out.




These are the shoes in my wardrobe that I tend to switch around quite a lot. In the summer I would probably go for a flatform or chunky trainer, in Autumn and Winter I tend to go for a more sturdy pair with a rubber sole or a classic pair of docs to see me through the rain and snow. These are great for work as they are flat but smart. I wear them with dresses and black skinny jeans with a big chunky knit. This pair are from the Clarks limited edition collection and although they gave me SO many blisters to begin with, they are now in their second year and going strong. I went for a patent leather pair with faux pony skin to break up the dark colours I tend to wear throughout the Winter. Here Im wearing them with a Navy Blue jumper from Uniqlo and a Cami dress from Topshop.



 By Fashion shoe, I mean a pair that is likely to go out of fashion and therefore something I wouldn't invest too much money into. Mules and Slides have been my obsession this summer, I went bold with this pair from Topshop . I really didn't think I would get much wear out of them, but they actually go with everything! I love buying Fashion shoes, I tend to go a bit cray with this pair. Eye catching, fun and feminine. Here I have paired with yet another pair of Zara cropped trousers and an oversized white embroidered shirt from Topshop. They also look great with cropped frayed jeans and a plain white T-shirt.


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