Welcome to The Rec List. A collection of all my favourite recommendations across home, travel, food, style and reading.

Welcome to The Rec List

Welcome to The Rec List

Hello Everyone and thank you for clicking into my first ever blog post. I have been meaning to do this for a very VERY long time, despite many of my friends telling my I should do this, it has just not felt like the right time... until now.

The Rec. List is quite simply a list of my favourite things. each week I will be coming at you with my go to recommendations for life including Interiors and home styling, beauty and skincare, style, travel, food and what I have been consuming and reading.

This week I am going to talk a little about my home and how I make it just that, a Home. Now I know that the word Hygge has sadly gone straight to the top of the over-used word pile but the principle of it is something that us Brits are actually very good at and something I am incredibly smitten with. If you are not aware of Hygge, then let me quickly summarise. Hygge is a way of life for the Danes and it is palpable in every area of their lives. There is no English equivalent for the word but to me Hygge means cosy, fuzzy, and content and after this do I say... CRAZY... weather, I feel it apt to begin with the home and Hygge. So here are a few things I do to make our home somewhere we never want to leave.


plants 1.jpg

Ahhhh plants. what can I say. Plants are everything to me. After spending countless hours in my Grandy's garden (Grandma for those who haven't heard of this iteration before) I have come to appreciate that plants really do make for a happier me. They breathe life into any room and frankly I couldn't live without them. We have about twenty plants around our home, some of which do better than others, big ones small ones, the more the merrier. We live in a flat with lots of light so can get away with lots of varieties. If your home is lacking in light and like us you tend to kill plants, you cant go wrong with succulents they always look great and need very little care. I like to show them off in neutral pots like these stunners here from The Fresh flower workshop in East Dulwich.



I first discovered the concept of Hygge two years ago when the Fiance and I (more on this in the next blog post!!) visited the wonderful city of Copenhagen. We stayed in a tres chic Airbnb and as I'm sure you can imagine, it was full to the brim with Hygge. My biggest take away from the apartment was the number of textures. blankets, rugs, chairs. Fluffy, wooly, silky, all of it made us so cosy that we ended up staying in with DVDs! for me this is key. Around our home we have things to wrap up with and snuggle into everywhere. Our home is a blank white canvas so I like to accent it with interesting but clean patterns such as this gorgeous cushion from Hem. I always try to invest in good quality textiles, especially when buying blankets and throws. This one from John Lewis is a real staple in our house and is perfect for wrapping round yourself while watching Game of Thrones with lots of candles.



I LOVE Art. So much so that I studied it at University. To me Art in the home is a great way to express who you are. My art taste changes all the time, right now I am loving drawings, My favorite in our home is the print in the middle of the picture above, a Tracy Emin print my boyfriend bought for me a couple of years ago. This is no longer available but I would highly recommend the Royal Academy website if you are looking to invest (this one was from here). If you are just looking for something to brighten up your space, try Printclub or the ever trusty Oliver Bonas.



Now that I have departed my Uni days (over ten years ago...YIKES), I am starting to invest in good quality furniture. There are of course areas where I choose to scrimp, but the bed is not one of them. This is by far the best investment I have ever made. This one is from West Elm. Every time I go into that shop I salivate. It was of course an investment but we hope to have it for many years to come and it really is the perfect place to curl up up with a book and lots of tea.

Well folks, thats all from me this week, It has, of course, started to rain so I'm going to bed down and get ready for a bit of Harry Potter.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see from me next!

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Rosie x